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Our standards-based solutions enable you to migrate from a manual, print-centric environment to a highly automated XML-based digital process

Digital transformation in publishing is about more than simply replicating paper-based content in digital formats. It's an opportunity to rethink and reengineer your publishing process from the ground up to improve quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our solutions will equip you with tools to enhance collaboration, reduce costs, and speed up production cycles while maintaining a high degree of control and quality assurance throughout your publishing process.

  • Enable committees, editors, and production staff to work from a single, standardized content repository, collaborating in real time via a web-based WYSIWYG interface
  • Reduce cost, complexity, and opportunity for error by enabling contributors to work with familiar tools from manuscript creation to finalization
  • Manage version control with multiple authors across diverse locations

  • Standardized XML content model automatically produces all required outputs with minimal human intervention
  • Reduce the number of people involved in production, mitigating your reliance on outsourced service providers and saving money in the process 
  • Leverage the most powerful automated print engine available to deliver tailored, high quality, professional PDFs

  • Automate error-prone steps such as conversion, pagination, and collection of corrections
  • Support common standards, such as:
    • JATS, the journal article tag suite
    • BITS, the book interchange tag suite
    • NISO STS, the NISO-approved JATS-based ISO Standard Tag Set (NISO STS) for production, interchange and archival of codes & standards content.
    • DITA, the XML-based, end-to-end architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information
  • Enforce rules and policies around content formatting, ensuring sign-off on revisions and reducing proofing and QA cycles
Case Studies

American Chemical Society reduces time to market from 2 weeks to 7 hours

An XML solution to automate 92% of composition and QA, cutting the production cycle from weeks to hours and delivering 100% ROI within 1 year.

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Product catalogue processing time reduced by 60%

Sigma-Aldrich (now Millipore-Sigma) wanted to rethink and reengineer their publishing process to improve quality, accuracy, and efficiency

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An advanced composition engine to drive business transformation

Bowne needed an advanced composition engine that significantly reduced production costs, improved productivity, and reduced turnaround times

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