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We implement solutions to transform the way that organisations create, manage, publish and consume content.

Our content solutions enable you to meet today’s digital demands, and define those of tomorrow via intelligent content, delivered at scale and speed.

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Smarter content from creation to consumption

Simplified creation of structured content

Whether you need to improve compliance, enhance efficiency or drive innovation, we offer a range of structured authoring tools which will help you work smarter with structured content. Our customer Protech reduced author training from weeks to hours with our unique structured authoring tool for S1000D technical documentation.

Seamless collaboration and intelligent workflows

Our intelligent content management solutions reduce your review cycles, streamline workflows and enable your subject matter experts to collaborate more effectively. The American Chemical Society reduced publishing times from weeks to hours by implementing an innovative content management solution.

Efficient delivery of omni-channel content

From print to web to mobile apps, our solutions enable your teams to publish to more channels, more quickly and more efficiently by remixing and reusing content from a single common source. John Deere saw content growth of 40% per year with automated omnichannel publishing.

Enriched user experiences with high quality digital content

With our domain-specific expertise and flexible solutions, we will help you to create the most innovative, interactive and intelligent digital content to exceed your customers’ expectations and put you ahead of your competition.

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