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We are experts in organising and structuring complex, critical information and getting it to the right people, at the right time, in the right format.

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Introducing Xignal S1000D

Xignal S1000D enables you to create, manage, and deliver your technical publications with little or no prior experience of S1000D.

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In our small, highly specalized niche, we are arguably the world leader. Our people have reputations that carry weight in the industries we serve.

Case Studies

Thales future-proofs legacy content with automated S1000D migration

Thales Australia engaged GPSL to migrate DEF(AUST) 5629 content to S1000D, closing the compliance capability gap and providing a differentiator for future projects

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American Chemical Society reduces time to market from 2 weeks to 7 hours

An XML solution to automate 92% of composition and QA, cutting the production cycle from weeks to hours and delivering 100% ROI within 1 year.

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The world's most robust multi-language publishing platform

A 100% automated multichannel publishing solution to produce catalogs, operator manuals, and maintenance manuals in over 29 languages.

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Real-time service information delivery for the Automotive Aftermarket

GPSL developed, configured, and deployed an Enterprise CMS to assemble and publish approved technical information in seconds.

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Product catalogue processing time reduced by 60%

Sigma-Aldrich (now Millipore-Sigma) wanted to rethink and reengineer their publishing process to improve quality, accuracy, and efficiency

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An advanced composition engine to drive business transformation

Bowne needed an advanced composition engine that significantly reduced production costs, improved productivity, and reduced turnaround times

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