Codes and Standards Publishing

Transform your publishing to meet today’s digital demands

Elevate your publishing with our cutting-edge solution. Say goodbye to cumbersome, outdated systems and embrace our integrated platform designed for today’s digital demands.

Our solution streamlines the entire process, from revision and versioning to omnichannel publishing automation, enabling you to manage your codes, standards, and derived products with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Automate the creation, management, collaboration and publishing of standards
Simplify Publishing Across Formats

Open up new business opportunities with enhanced delivery of your content in new digital forms. Slice, personalise and remix your content at a granular level to meet everyone’s needs. Publish for print, PDF and innovative digital products – all from a single source.

Intelligent Content Management and Automation

Unlock the full potential of your content with our intelligent platform. Facilitate deep collaboration among committees, enhance flexibility for drafters, and ensure that your content is always current, accessible, and optimized for digital consumption.

AI-Assisted Features

Step into the future with AI-assisted capabilities designed to improve research, language, and content conversion processes. Our technology is tailored to present your content consistently across all platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience.

Streamline your publishing process, enhance content quality, and improve user engagement and security, setting a new standard in publishing efficiency and innovation.

Import/export of NISO STS content
Seamlessly integrate industry-standard technical specifications, enhancing compatibility and interoperability.

Import/export of MS Word content
Effortless content transition from and to MS Word, maintaining document fidelity and formatting.

Automated generation of PDF, XML and HTML
Streamline publishing across multiple formats with automation, increasing efficiency and reach.

Streamlined workflows and notifications
Enhance productivity with efficient workflows and keep teams informed with timely notifications.

Modular structured content
Enhance flexibility and reusability of content, enabling efficient updates and customization.

Enhanced authoring and editing
Simplify content creation and modification with user-friendly tools.

Web-based review and correction
Facilitate collaboration and expedite publishing cycles with online review capabilities.

Granular content versioning
Ensure accuracy and traceability with detailed version control.

User authentication and secure content storage
Protect sensitive information with robust security measures.

Personalised user dashboard
Offer a tailored experience for each user, improving navigation and usability.

Innovative search, discovery and navigation
Enhance user engagement with powerful search tools and intuitive navigation.

Transform your Standards into dynamic, accessible formats for any audience, anywhere.