The flexibility of GPSL’s Xignal S1000D Suite has enabled Protech Publications to double their client base in under a year and reduce the onboarding time for new S1000D authors from weeks to days.

Xignal S1000D Suite provided the perfect out-of-the-box solution for Protech


100% growth in under a year

Reduced author onboarding from weeks to days

Expanded to new geographies

Streamlined S1000D review and delivery

"The Xignal S1000D authoring environment is fantastically easy to use. Even the less experienced authors were up and running from day one"
Richard Austin, Managing Director, Protech Publications

Protech Publications is a specialist S1000D Technical Documentation services company who were looking for a robust S1000D publications suite to manage their growing client base.

The team have decades of S1000D experience and had very clear requirements in terms of what they did and didn’t want from an S1000D publications suite.

They were looking for a scalable S1000D solution that:

  • Offered full end-to-end (author, manage and publish) S1000D publishing capabilities with a robust S1000D CDSB.
  • Would manage multiple S1000D issues throughout the publication delivery lifecycle
  • Could easily be configured for customised workflows and user permissions
  • Would improve data quality and productivity via project business rules (BREX) checker and common information repositories (CIRs)
  • Could be deployed quickly and cost effectively
  • Could be accessed by their in-house team and remote S1000D authors and easily rolled out incrementally as their team expands.
"The secure cloud environment has enabled us to invite our clients into the system which has massively streamlined our S1000D delivery process"

The Xignal S1000D Suite is built around a flexible, highly capable S1000D CSDB which enables Protech to securely manage their clients S1000D projects and ensure friction-free collaboration throughout their distributed authoring teams.

Its modern user interface and dashboard make it easy for Protech to manage multiple versions of S1000D, across multiple projects, for multiple clients. Without the need for external training or services, they have been able to customise their system to incorporate project specific user access, workflows and approval steps.

The instantly accessible S1000D SaaS model meant that no software needed to be installed and there are no VPNs, remote machines or any other IT architecture to be configured as they expand their global team and bring on more S1000D client programmes. This has enabled Protech to concentrate on the job at hand – providing their customers with a second-to-none service.

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