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GPSL delivers cohesive publishing systems and software to solve complex publishing challenges.

We’ve produced world-class systems in the most demanding environments, including technical, STM, legal, pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing and financial.

Other companies talk about delivering an XML solution, but we help you leverage the appropriate technology (XML or not) for your needs.

Global Publishing Solutions (GPSL)

Publishing systems and software

Our name says it! – We develop and deliver solutions for enterprises worldwide to solve their complex publishing challenges.

In today's age that means meeting ever-increasing demands on the creation, management and delivery of content and we like to think we're pretty good at it…

Content management experts

Your content is at the heart of your business. GPSL will help you organise and streamline your structured and unstructured data by working with you to design and implement an effective content management system for your publications. We enable many companies to offer new and innovative ways to publish…

Cutting-edge technologies

Whether you need to move to digital publications or improve your print process, GPSL are the experts that know the right technology for that need. We help companies advance by implementing state-of-the-art distribution such as HTML5 and EPUB3 as well as sophisticated content transformation…