APP (3B2) Template Enhancement Service

Our 3B2/APP template enhancement services make it easy for you to enhance your APP system to meet the requirements of your business today and in the future

Key information

Making the most powerful publishing engine in the world even better for your business.

Whether a branding refresh, a new product range, new markets, new languages, or new accessibility requirements, we can tailor enhancements to suit your needs and budget.

What will you gain from enhancing your APP system Arbortext template?

  • Better integration with Your Wider Business Systems. Our team works with you to enhance your APP system to work seamlessly within your business environment. This allows you to meet the demands of new business products or capability requirements.
  • Improved functionality. Your APP system is upgraded with a minimum of fuss. Menial tasks are automated and bugs and workarounds eliminated.
  • Enhanced system support. Your APP software is updated to ensure it remains at a supported version level, and works with the latestoperatingsystems such as the latest version of Windows OS.
  • Reduced multilingual publishing costs. GPSL has extensive experience with multi-lingual publishing, including most European scripts and complicated languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. APP templates are upgraded to handle the full range of required languages for publishing. This brings production control back to your publishing business, and reduces or eliminates the need for manualtypesettingby language service providers.
  • Support for emerging industry standards. Several important industry standards are emerging for the capture, storage and processing of content. We have experience across a range of industries in standards such as DITA, JATS, BITS, ISOSTS, S1000D, and Akoma Ntoso. GPSL can adapt or implement these in your 3B2/ APP environment.


Why use our specialist Arbortext template enhancement services for your APP System?

GPSL have experienced analysts and technicians who can audit your current environment, provide detailed advice, and perform the simplest or most complex enhancement based on your needs.

As a PTC Service Advantage partner, we have had the experience of working on varying scales of projects, both for PTC and direct with end users. This puts us in a unique position to understand, implement and support your environment no matter how unique it may be.

What you need to consider when planning an APP Template Enhancement Project

Can I continue to use my APP system while you’re upgrading it?

Yes, we always work in a separate test environment.

What costs are associated?

This depends on the type of enhancement(s), please contact us to discuss your project

How quickly can you get started?

We are often able to start within days or weeks of your iniKal contact.

How long will it take?

This depends on the type of enhancements, but probably a few days or weeks.

What do you need from me to get started?

We will need your APP template(s), configuration files and sample data.

Where will the work be performed?

We can perform our work on-site or remote. We tend to do this work remotely to keep costs down for you.

Do you have experience with my special requirements and configuration?

We have experience across a range of industries and specialist requirements.

Does your work come with a warranty?

All our work is covered under professional indemnity insurance and we encourage customers to subscribe to one of our technical support packages.

Get in touch to talk through these and any other questions you may have about the impact on your business of an APP Template Enhancement