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Save time and money by automating even your most complex layouts with Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher

Arbortext APP (previously 3B2) has several hundred controls for configuring and specifying complex page layouts that can include graphics, tables, generated content, and indexes.

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Automate even your most complex layouts

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Why choose Arbortext Print Publisher

Simplify Translation

APP includes support for all major Latin-based languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, and Cyrillic languages.

Enhanced customisation

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher’s highly customizable nature and large array of features enable us to tailor it to suit almost any publishing environment

Omni-channel publishing

Single source publishing using Arbortext APP ensures that your information is consistent across all types of documents, media and language.

Renowned Heritage

Advent 3B2 was renamed Arbortext APP when the original developers Advent Publishing Systems became part of Arbortext and then PTC.

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High quality, consistent publications, in multiple languages