Quark Fund Marketing

Best-in-class Content Automation and Sales Enablement for Marketing, Sales, and Client Services

Key Information

Speed up the creation of Fund Fact Sheets and publish automatically to print, web, and mobile devices

Does your Marketing department struggle to produce fund fact sheets, merging narrative content — such as investment objectives, strategies, and profiles of fund managers — with data from spreadsheets and data repositories, such as holding percentages, returns, and performance?

Using Quark’s content automation platform, your marketing department can improve the speed and lower the cost of creating, formatting, validating, and disseminating distinctive fund fact sheets. Quark connects your marketing team to databases and other business systems enabling you to:

  • Reduce authoring time by 20% - with automated template creation
  • Reduce reviewing time by 20% - by eliminating redundant or irrelevant reviews
  • Reduce cross-media production by 80% - by using information from a single source for multiple outputs
  • Reduce your cycle time by 10% - by eliminating copy/paste and introducing a streamlined and automated process


  • Develop distinctive templates where your marketing team can automatically merge narrative content with content from spreadsheets and data repositories, eliminating error-prone manual work
  • Make sure only authorised personnel can edit certain information
  • Integrate local and remote writers
  • Streamline the content and legal review processes, making it easy to automatically incorporate last-minute changes
  • Automate the publishing of fact sheets to print, Web, and other digital devices


Quark's Content Automation Platform Consists of:

Quark Publishing Platform

Integrates the tools your marketing group uses with other business systems and offers publishing automation.

Quark Author

Web-based content creation software that offers your subject matter experts an intuitive online authoring experience for rapidly creating, previewing, publishing and reusing structured content.

Quark XML Author

An add-in to Microsoft Word that helps you address the problems and challenges that are caused by creatingunstructured word processing files that cannot support reuse or drive automated publishing.


Lets you create design templates for automatically publish- ing professional materials.

Adapters for Content Management Systems

Ready-made adapters that integrate Quark XML Author with Microsoft SharePoint and IBM FileNet Content Manager help you connect your publishing tools to your enterprise content management system so you can easily manage data, XML content, and other assets through a single, connected system.