Legislative Drafting Software Solution

Unlock the productivity of your drafting team with our innovative, automated, technology stack.

Key Information

Achieve efficiency and cost targets through the innovative use of modern technology

Have you ever wished you could achieve faster and more accurate drafting?

Save hours of drafting time and ensure precision with the GPSL Legislative Drafting Solution

Our experts work with you to replace your MS Word, Framemaker or similar, with an automated solution which can easily handle large volumes of content, links, and relationships whilst also benefiting from open data compliance.

Implementation of our solution will enable you to:

  • Speed Up the Time it Takes to Format Pages.Our solution will automatically format the legislation according to a strict template. Drafters need only worry about the legal and legislative meaning.
  • Say Goodbye to Cut and Paste.If, for example, you make amendments to a clause, all publications that dynamically reference that clause will be automatically updated on its approval. Where the reference is static, it will remain unchanged as expected.
  • Improve the Management of References for the Entire Jurisdiction.Our solution provides a central repository of references that is automatically updated as new legislation is registered. This enables your drafters to quickly and easily find and reference existing legislation and instruments. Reference links are validated during drafting and publishing.
  • Expand Your Options with Open Data Compliance.Our solution provides for XML-based legislation, which can be easily and simultaneously be supplied in multiple consumable formats.
  • Collaborate Across Departments and Organizations.Our web-based review and drafting tools allow collaborators to work directly on the legislation, without the problems of versioning, lost comments, and file transfers

Advice, design, deployment and support of a solution tailored to your jurisdiction and practices

Our solution provides an integrated system for drafting and publishing of legislation. It can be tailored to your jurisdiction and practices, or based on OASIS LegalDocML.

With a full set of optional components, the following features are enabled:

  • Drafting of bills, acts, regulations and other subsidiary legislation
  • Change tracking and version control of documents
  • Web-based review and editing
  • Automatic publishing to PDF, HTML, XML and more
  • Microsoft Word import and export
  • Legislative reference management
  • User authentication and content security

Coupled with an appropriate delivery platform our solution can also provide a point-in-time view of legislation in force, accounting for enactment, repeal, re-enactment, etc.