S1000D for PTC Windchill

GPSL's S1000D for PTC Windchill maintains associativity between your source engineering data and service/parts content created downstream.

Windchill S1000D CSDB Overview

A disconnect between engineering, provisioning, and service or parts data can cause you numerous business-critical problems!

S1000D for PTC Windchill connects all of your data along the digital thread, from engineering to service, with specific S1000D CSDB functions. This enables you to:

  • Simplify and automate content management processes
  • Connect data along the digital thread – from engineering to service
  • Increase revenue and margin
Why do you need Windchill S1000D CSDB?

End users on the service side are demanding concise, compliant, and reliably high-quality and accurate service information in real time, wherever they are.

If you can't meet this demand, you risk mistakes, delays, and failure in the provision of parts and servicing in critical situations.

Maintaining the "digital thread" – the live connections that exist between a product and its component parts as they progress through the product lifecycle - is the solution to this problem.

Managing all of this while remaining in complete compliance with S1000D™ is the somewhat more complex, but ultimate solution for anyone delivering service and parts information in S1000D software.

What does the Windchill S1000D publishing suite do?

Our S1000D publishing suite for PTC Windchill maintains associativity between source engineering data and parts lists and service content created downstream.

Windchill S1000D tools allow changes made upstream to be quickly identified and immediately communicated and actioned by the system, keeping service content aligned with the current engineering design.

The solution integrates seamlessly with PTC's market-leading suite of content creation and delivery tools for the A&D sector, including:

  • Service Parts for authoring parts information (sBOMs, parts lists, part information) with association to the Engineering BOM (eBOM).
  • Arbortext IsoDraw for 2D illustrations and Creo Illustrate for 3D graphics. These products are associated with Engineering CAD to reuse existing graphics and associate for change control with engineering changes.
  • Arbortext Editor and Styler for authoring XML topics for component-based delivery. This includes relating 2D and 3D graphics within the literature.
  • Servigistics for service parts optimization platform. Includes aligned understanding of information structures and filters to deliver powerful filtration and content relationships to the service users, optimizing the balance between inventory and service levels to enable the best service at the lowest cost.
  • Thingworx Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)platformfor connecting and integrating new and legacy production plant onto a single digital platform and provides real-time data for improved visibility and management.
What does S1000D for Windchill deliver?

Better Content

  • Accurate, up-to-date, context-specific content
  • Improved service information quality
  • Improved part identification
  • Improved part ordering accuracy

Better Business Processes

  • Reduced printing and distribution costs
  • Reduced publishing cycle times
  • Increased authoring and technician productivity
  • Increased efficiency in content and service delivery
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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