GPSL Success Story

Legal Publishing Solution

A modern and efficient publishing environment to allow internal and external contributors at an Australian Government agency to collaborate effectively and produce high-quality publications with minimal training and support.


Reduced author training from weeks to days

Increased page volume publishing capacity

Automated versioning and workflow

Provides remote access via web tools

Enabled omnichannel publishing

The customer's publishing challenge

Imagine you need to author and publish large volumes of complex mission critical consultation and policy papers, draft amendments to legal documents and consolidate these amendments.

Now imagine that your publishing solution is based on legacy desktop software that is hard to use, complex to support, and cumbersome to train users on.

An Australian Government agency recently found themselves in exactly that situation, limiting their ability to publish policy papers and legal documents in an effective way.

They had reached the limits of Microsoft Word and migrated to an XML solution, but even then it was challenging to cope with stakeholder demands and the needs of a highly collaborative and complex legal publishing business.

The Solution

After analysing the agency’s current publishing environment, we proposed that the most efficient solution would be web-based, collaborative in real-time, and built to support structured content.

We worked with the client to evaluate and select the appropriate technology solution, based on an integrated and proven enterprise software stack.

The resulting solution provides easy-to-use authoring tools, powerful templates, reliable content storage, automated workflow, and effortless multi-channel publishing.

The modern and efficient publishing environment allows business users to collaborate effectively and produce high-quality publications with minimal training and support.

Key Features

Improves reliability, supportability and ease of use
Ensures longevity and provide flexibility for future improvements.

Supports high volume document publishing
Deals with hundreds or thousands of pages in length, with a prescribed lifecycle, and frequent publishing

Enhances collaboration and remote working
Enables parallel authoring by partitioning large documents into components

Increases efficiency via automation
Handles document versioning and workflow with dedicated review and approval tools

Tailored for legal publishing features
Including support for legal numbering and referencing, amendments and consolidations,

Delivered omnichannel publishing
Supports multiple output types including PDF, RTF and Word

The Results

Organisational performance and quality metrics have been exceeded by the new system and user satisfaction has continually improved over time and that new system users are onboarded very quickly.

We continue to look at ways to evolve the system to meet future organisational requirements and new digital delivery options.

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