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What we do

We shape the future of working with content for customers with complex publishing needs.

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Who Are We

We are a solutions company.

Our goal is to transform the way that humans and computers collaborate to create, publish and consume content.

We are in for the long-haul. We build long-lasting relationships with customers in organisations of all sizes worldwide.

Each and every customer we work with benefits from our deep sectoral expertise, visionary solutions and our pragmatic, personal approach.

Our People

Our leadership team

Our people are why we are here and why our customers are here with us.

Lawrie Stevens
Gareth Oakes
Chief Project Officer
Charles Angione
CTO & GPSL Inc president
Our Credentials

Our heritage

Our people have been working at the forefront of digital innovation in publishing since the 1980s.

As a team, our roots go back to the development of the ground-breaking Advent 3B2 – arguably the world's first enterprise scale desktop publishing system.

Over the ensuing four decades, we've continued to work together through several mergers and acquisitions, achieving a number of firsts for some of the world's most demanding content publishers, including Boeing, the American Chemical Society, and the Canadian House of Commons.

  • We were first to market with a true, machine-independent WYSIWYG system
  • First to introduce real-time interactive equation authoring
  • And we developed the first ever server-based automated authoring and publishing system for ATA safety and maintenance data (for which we shared a Smithsonian Award with our client).

Over forty years and hundreds of major implementations, we've built an unmatched level of expertise in complex, highly structured technical, scholarly, and professional content.

Our Values

Our values






What We Can Do

What we can do for you

Our customers typically deal with large volumes of complex, dynamic, and unstructured data; highly distributed and diverse users; and strict requirements about who receives what content, when, and how – often with severe time constraints and in highly regulated environments.

By streamlining and automating processes for creating, managing, and distributing content, we can help to realize real, tangible benefits:

Save time and cut costs

  • Repurpose and reuse your content with single-source publishing
  • Reduce your translation effort and costs
  • Simplify distribution with efficient multi-channel delivery
  • Reduce errors and rework; edit once, update all

Transform the integrity and quality of content

  • Improve the quality, accuracy, and consistency of your information
  • Keep content updated in real time
  • Easily customize content: customer-specific, device-specific, and machine-specific
  • Increase the relevance and timeliness of your information

Unlock value

  • Create, share, and deliver content more easily and efficiently
  • Automate publishing tasks to reuse, repurpose, and update
  • Personalize content and assemble dynamically on-demand

Develop new revenue streams

  • Repackage content for new uses and new customers
  • Expand into new geographical markets with shorter publication cycles
  • Increase your service revenue over the product cycle