Our People

Our people are why we are here, and why our customers are here with us.

Lawrie Stevens, CEO, has been in this business for over 30 years and has assembled some of the brightest, most experienced minds in the business and encourages them to think freshly. His philosophy is not to 'think outside of the box' but to question whether the box is needed at all.

David Williams has the responsibility of providing sales and service leadership for the organization. His specialized team span the Americas, Europe and Australasia and will ensure that your needs are met from the first time we meet with you.

Andrew Keefe heads up our Aerospace & Defense activity. Andy brings vast experience in marketing software solutions in the Aerospace and Defense sector globally.

Mitch Bakos and Gareth Oakes are the guys who bring your visions and ambitions to reality. Mitch, our CTO, runs the technical group which is the engine room of our business while Gareth, our Chief Architect, will work with you and our team to make that vision a reality.

We've mentioned a few names here but in reality the company is run by a lot of clever people who can provide the right technology and solutions to translate your vision into successful reality.

While we can't name them all they really make things work and ensure we have a lot of happy customers.