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PTC Mathcad - Your single source for engineering calculations.

250,000+ engineers worldwide choose PTC Mathcad software because it has their engineering notebook’s ease-of-use and familiarity - combined with live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities.

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PTC Mathcad - Solve, Document, Share, and Reuse Your Engineering Calculations

How often have you been forced to hunt through a collection of spreadsheets, code, and notebooks to uncover what you need - and then schedule more time to have someone explain it?

PTC Mathcad engineering math software allows you to present your calculations and design work with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single document.

Mathcad’s simple interface, live natural math notation, powerful capabilities, and open architecture streamline your critical design processes.

Calculations, text, and images appear in an understandable format, enabling knowledge capture, data reuse, and design verification.

PTC Mathcad delivers a wealth of benefits to every major stakeholder in the engineering organization. The integration of calculation work into existing engineering processes and applications results in products that get to market faster, have improved quality, and are more successful in satisfying regulatory compliances.

  • Intuitive - The Mathcad interface is not only simple to learn, but also leverages standard math notation so your work can be easily read, understood, shared, and reused by others.
  • Comprehensive - PTC Mathcad software combines text, live math, graphics, and annotations in a single worksheet. Its unmatched breadth of application, including powerful mathematics functionality and unit awareness, provides all the capabilities you need in one comprehensive application.
  • Interoperable - PTC Mathcad Software easily integrates with PTC Creo® and PTC Windchill®, as well as other engineering applications, enhancing your results as you leverage tools and data from outside applications.
  • Scalable - PTC Mathcad’s power and reach extends to desktops and across the enterprise. Capture standard calculations just once and distribute them to the entire team in the form of templates to save time on frequently repeated formulas. Best of all, anyone who finds a better approach can quickly update the worksheet and share it back with the team—so you harness the intellectual power of your whole team efficiently.

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