Arbortext Styler: You do the thinking, we will automate everything else

Arbortext Styler: You do the thinking, we will automate everything else

PTC Arbortext Styler gives you the power to create XML-based stylesheets and automatically deliver high-quality, structured content in multiple languages and media outputs

Ensure consistent, high-quality structured content across multiple media types. Create a single, easy-to-use interface for all structured content layouts and publish automatically.

Increase designer productivity and value by sharing formatting across media types, or set up unique formatting for specific media types.

Reduce publishing production costs and cycle times by creating a single-source of style to eliminate the development, maintenance and disparity of multiple stylesheets.

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Arbortext Styler lets you create multi-channel, XML-based stylesheets without the programming.

Arbortext Styler is an innovative stylesheet tool that enables your designers to configure stylesheets for automatic publishing of structured content using a single source of style.

Simplified stylesheet creation puts styling in the hands of your designers reducing or eliminating the need for specialized programming skills.

Develop and maintain stylesheets for multiple outputs in a single user interface

The stylesheets you create support one or multiple output media, without programming, enabling you to improve the quality and consistency of your information.

Stylesheets created in Arbortext Styler are used by Arbortext publishing software to transform XML content into output for print, PDF, HTML and Web pages, HTML Help, Microsoft® Word® and wireless devices.

Arbortext Styler also provides foreign language support, enabling you to easily and automatically layout and publish localized product information.

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Improve the accuracy, consistency and reuse of your structured content.

With Arbortext Styler you develop a single stylesheet which incorporates all output formats you require and supports modular development so pieces of content can be reused across other document types.

You can control publishing for multiple output types, sharing formatting across media types or setting up unique formatting for specific media. Modularity of your stylesheets enables content reuse and ensures the accuracy and consistency of your structured content across all output types.

Multi-channel support for publishing standards across industries

Arbortext Styler lets you import existing FOSI stylesheets and export multiple stylesheet formats, including XSL-HTML, XSL- FO, and FOSI, and Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher templates.

DITA is also supported through HTML ‘chunking’. Input files or content management object structures can be used to define the initial chunk boundaries for chunked outputs in Arbortext Styler.

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