Arbortext Editor

PTC Arbortext Editor enables you to deliver high quality product and service information through the creation of reusable, structured content

What’s more, we can customize Arbortext Editor to meet your specific business requirements.

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Arbortext Editor will help you to…

- Increase Your Authoring Productivity
Create reusable, XML or SGML component-based content in a familiar Windows GUI for “tag-free” authoring and editing.

- Improve Your Information Accuracy
Streamline the delivery of multilingual, multi-channel product and service information, including interactive 2D and 3D illustrations.

- Reduce Your Content Production Costs
Save authoring time by providing single instances of approved product and service information for reuse everywhere!

- Automate Your Content Production Process
Out-of- the-box integration with PTC Windchill CMS provides a secure workflow for the creation and delivery of content intrinsically linked to the original product definition.

Arbortext Editor - take the leap to the next level of collaborative authoring.

Previously named Arbortext Epic Editor, this is the industry-leading software used globally for working with structured content.

It enables your authoring teams to collaborate on large or complex documentation projects that need to be disseminated in multiple forms.

Multi-channel, multi lingual product and service information delivery from a single source

Structured authoring with PTC Arbortext Editor enables your authoring teams to create and edit XML and SGML content for easy reuse enterprise wide.

Your teams can easily create content that enables multiple delivery of information as:

- interactive service procedures
- illustrated parts lists
- operator and service manuals
- catalogues and product training materials.

With Arbortext Epic Editor, content is written once and the output can be generated in many formats…print, web, mobile etc

What’s more, you can provide over 25 languages of content, character sets and spelling dictionaries.

Out-of-the-box Support of Industry Standards

Arbortext XML Editor supports industry standards like DITA and S1000D, and allows authors to incorporate complex content such as tables, equations and interactive, CAD-driven 2D/3D technical illustrations.

It offers a variety of editing modes which enable your authors to work most effectively with their content. It also supports editing of XML, SGML and text files and provides intelligent copy/paste from many common office applications such as MS Word and Excel.

Speak to our expert team to find out whether Arbortext Editor supports your current version of DITA, S1000D and runs on your existing version of Windows.

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Product and Service Information Accuracy and Consistency

Integration with PTC Windchill (CMS) provides contextual information aligned with the original product definition to improve accuracy of data.

Re-use and product settings allow for effective work on long documents (thousands of pages) and time to prepare content for print is minimized through automatic application of styling to your content.

Customizable for your publishing environment and workflow

GPSL is experienced at implementing Arbortext Editor for the most demanding environments across multiple industries.

The software includes a breathtaking range of configuration and scripting options which allows us to tailor Arbortext Editor to your workflow and integrate it with your production environment.

How to buy Arbortext Editor

As a channel advantage partner we work closely with PTC to provide you with the most competitive pricing based on your requirements.

To find out more about pricing of Arbortext Editor or any of the Arbortext products please contact us.

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