3B2 Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (formerly Advent 3b2)

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher automates the publishing of layout-intensive, complex documents.

Automate your layouts

Automate layouts for any document to eliminate time-consuming manual layout processes and content conversions.

Reduce your production costs

Minimize manual processes by using both automation and structured content to reduce costs, accelerate production time and eliminate manual errors.

Generate high quality and consistent publications

Single source publishing using Arbortext 3b2 ensures that your information is consistent across all types of documents and media.

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3B2: Automate the publishing of documents with structured content and complex layouts without sacrificing quality.

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher is a highly sophisticated, automated print composition engine.

Best-in-class typographic capabilities coupled with powerful automation tools allow you to create DTP quality output in a server or desktop environment.

Arbortext 3b2 provides a versatile and automated system with several hundred controls for configuring and specifying complex page layouts that can include graphics, tables, generated content, and indexes.

You can achieve unrivalled flexibility in page layouts, text formatting and automation.

With Arbortext 3B2, deliver professional, high-quality publishing in multiple language formats

Unicode support and language-specific features allow Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher to dynamically support global language formatting requirements.

APP includes support for all major Latin- based languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, and Cyrillic languages. Features include variable text flows, such as right-to-left and top-to-bottom, and regional formatting such as Kashida and Yakumono.

Customize APP to suit your publishing environment…no maMer how complex!

The highly customizable nature and large array of features enable us to tailor Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher to suit almost any publishing environment.

Because of its powerful formatting capabilities, Advanced Print Publisher (APP) is used across the world to automate the production of complex printed documents such as:

  • technical documentation (owner, operator and service manuals, illustrated parts catalogs, and training materials)
  • Scientific/Technical/Medical (STM)
  • books and journals
  • government, financial and legal documents
  • product catalogs, directories and advertising

GPSL are experienced at implementing and integrating Arbortext software for the most demanding environments across multiple industries.

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher enables you to easily integrate this solution with a wide range of databases, content management applications, and information technology products employed in your workflows.

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Advent 3B2 to Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher Heritage

Advent 3B2 was renamed Arbortext APP when the original developers Advent Publishing Systems became part of Arbortext and then PTC.

With its roots in typesetting, Arbortext APP is still attributed with high quality and finely controlled typographical features which enable good quality output along with the dynamic composition flexibility.

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