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Can people really understand your technical content?

If your readers find your content difficult to read, then they will also find it difficult to understand.

The first generation of AI powered tools help you with grammar and spelling, but they lack the ability to support business and technical settings.

They try to ‘simplify’ your content, but often they remove important technical information.

You need a better way to support your content creation.

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Our AI-Powered Style And Writing Assistant is different!

Improve Consistency

Use your style and terminology to achieve consistent content faster and with less rework.

Standardise Style

Choose your business rules and style. Configure them for your brand, organisation or department.

Improve Readability

Your writers get real time guidance. Change complex instructions into content that is easier to read and understand.

Reduce Rework

Create accurate and compliant documents which are easy to read first time reducing rework and related costs.

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Get ready for an AI Powered Writing Assistant with your vocabulary, your grammar and your style.

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Every organisation is different and has unique, and often complex, technical information.


You need to write your information so that it is clear, concise, and easy to read and understand.


But you must keep the correct technical information and your brand. And sometimes you must also obey relevant standards like Plain English or Simplified Technical English.
Unlike other tools, our AI Assistant lets you set up your style and train the tool for your business and your context.


Not only does it use your vocabulary and grammar for your style but it also helps you to monitor readability, sentence length, active voice and other important information.


It's simple and easy to use..and it integrates into your authoring environment.

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Remove the costs of poor technical writing

In America alone, it's estimated that poor writing costs businesses over $400B each year! Our Style and Writing Assistant will reduce your content creation costs and help your writers create accurate and compliant documents. Complete the form for more information and to request a demo