Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) and Scholarly Publishing Solution

Take control of your publishing with our innovative, automated, journal publishing solution.

Automate Your Publication Process From Structured Content Creation to Multi-Channel Delivery.

When content requirements are as complex as yours, retaining control of the publication process and achieving a competitive time-to-market can be problematic.

Having worked within the Scientific, Technical, & Medical (STM) publishing environment for over 10 years, we understand the highly specialized needs of your industry.

Our STM and Scholarly Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) based journal publishing solution enables you to migrate from a manual, print-centric environment to an XML based, digital environment.

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Implementation of our publishing solution will enable you to:

Tighten Control of Your Data and the Publication Process

Manage your production process through a technology-based solution under your direct control.

Reduce Your Production, Operational and Vendor Costs

Reduce your reliance on vendors, and save money in the process. Our automation technology is able to drastically reduce the number of people involved in production.

Reduce Time to Publication and Market for Your Existing and New Products

Through automated production and automated quality control you can simultaneously reduce and normalize the production timeframe.

STM and Scholarly Solutions - Key Features

GPSL has a range of innovative production technologies which are integrated to form our JATS-based journal publishing solution.

  • Manuscript preparation - machine learning technology automates and assists operators with the task of preparing accepted manuscripts for publishing
  • Proofs - professional PDF and HTML proofs are instantly created using our template-driven publishing process, for single-, double- or triple-column pages
  • Quality check - all our proofs are automatically quality checked against a configured journal style guide
  • Review and corrections - our web-based technology allows galley review and edit or fully paginated review and edit, all from a web browser
  • Article finalization - all changes are accepted, pagination is updated, and a high-res PDF and HTML delivered

Our solutions support STM and HSS journals including a variety of specialist content types:

  • Vancouver, Harvard or footnote-style references
  • Column-wide, page-wide, and landscape figures or tables
  • Inline, column-wide, or page-wide equations
  • Typesetting and hyphenation of up to 37 languages
  • Configurable hyphenation logic for special text (e.g. chemical names)

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STM and Scholarly Publishing Solutions FAQ

Q: Is pricing available on a per-article or per-page basis?
A: We typically install this solution at the publisher’s site, for their use, as a capital investment. We are open to explore other models that suit your business.
Q: What do I need on my side to work with this solution?
A: The minimum requirement for the publisher is a submission system and delivery platform. We can tailor the platform to suit your copy editing, workflow or repository needs.
Q: Can I keep my current vendor(s) but still use this solution to save time and money?
A: We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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