Integrated Codes and Standards Publishing Solution

Collaborate without complications.

Choose our integrated environment for drafting, editing, review, production, archive and audit of codes & standards.

Unlock the Potential for Seamless Collaboration Throughout the Development of Codes and Standards

Development of codes & standards involves deep collaboration between standards-setting expert committees, editorial groups, and the publishing teams.

Your codes and standards publishing efficiency is limited by the generic toolset available to you (MS Word, Excel, Adobe InDesign). Our integrated solution unlocks the potential for seamless collaboration and higher quality publishing...all at a lower overall cost.

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We replace your clunky technologies and legacy software with a more efficient and integrated solution for authoring, reviewing, editing and publishing of C&S.

Our Integrated Codes and Standards Publishing Solution will enable you to:

Simplify Collaboration

Fed up with the time and overhead involved in moving files from one team to another, lengthy email trails, and calls at odd hours to committees around the globe? Our integrated solution allows committees, editors and production staff to work from a single, standardized content repository. This reduces the overhead of moving files around, identifying versions, awaiting group input and all that comes with content collaboration.

Automate Production Processes

Production of codes & standards documents can be time consuming and costly. Our solution doesn’t just stop at PDF: it works from a standardized XML content model to automatically produce all required outputs with minimal human intervention.

Support Emerging Standards

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) have approved a new project to standardize the JATS-based ISO Standard Tag Set (ISO STS) for application by standards development organizations and use in the standards ecosystem. Our solution natively supports this emerging standard for production, interchange and archival of codes & standards markup.

The Only Complete, Fully Integrated Codes and Standards Publishing Solution

The GPSL Codes & Standards solution provides an integrated environment for drafting, editing, review, production, archive and audit of codes & standards.

Our solution is based on the ISO STS industry standard* (*STS standard is pending NISO approval).

The integrated solution consists of the following functionality:

  • Import of MS Word content
  • Export of MS Word content
  • Authoring and editing of content
  • Web-based review and corrections
  • Automated generation of Print PDF, Web PDF, XML and HTML
  • Optional desktop tool for corrections to PDF pages
  • Content versioning and workflow
  • User authentication and secure content storage

How it works - an overview of key features

Configuring the PDF Template

Stylesheets are customized using a simple editing window, to suit the desired layout and style

Customizing for the PDF Outputs and Features You Require

We use the most powerful automated print engine available (PTC Arbortext APP), which provides for tailored, high quality, professional PDF. Design Science software is integrated for professional math and MathML support.

MS Word Round Tripping

When a new MS Word document is first imported, it undergoes a normalization process. We then store the results as NISO STS. When we export to Word, we generate a standard format file with hidden embedded structure. Upon re-import of that Word document we detect the changes to the structure and merge these back into the NISO STS.

Using the Web-based Review

This tool provides either a text (galley) view, or, a fully paginated (PDF) view in the user’s web browser, no plugins required. Either view is fully editable, with publisher-defined restrictions enforced. User changes are synced with a server and stored as change-tracked revisions.

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