Service and Parts Information Solution

An innovative end-to-end solution enabling you to streamline the creation, management and delivery of information for parts and servicing equipment.

Service and parts information when, where, and how you need it

The PTC Service and Parts Information Solution, lets you create, manage and deliver the high-quality service and parts content demanded in today’s world-class service operations.

Our highly-experienced team works with you to integrate a solution which will:

  • Drive your workflows from Engineering to Tech Pubs through to Service
  • Deliver accurate and up-to-date technical parts and 2D/3D graphical information to your global service network
  • Improve service parts revenue, equipment uptime, and technician effectiveness
  • Achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction

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World-class service operations through enhanced information accuracy

Service and parts information is critical to the successful operation, maintenance and service of a product throughout its lifecycle, and directly impacts customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Most technical documentation processes are disconnected or outdated, producing static, document-centric content that can be:

  • Error prone
  • Hard to find
  • Hard to use

Our product-centric, service and parts information solution overcomes these challenges by providing your teams with access to information that is:

  • Up-to-date with product development
  • Relevant to the user’s role and task
  • Easy-to-understand and use

Improve your content efficiency, accuracy, and quality with our end-to-end service parts information solution

PTC Service and Parts Information Solution is the first of its kind to include a full scope of service content operation. As a result, the solution has unique capabilities to improve your content efficiency, accuracy, and quality that only an end-to-end solution can provide.

Improve Your Service Information Accuracy

In service parts information solutions, associativity is built to source engineering or manufacturing product data to ensure that you have up-to-date service parts information which vastly improves your information accuracy.

Enhance Your Service Parts Relevance

Applicability rules are defined for every product configuration, serial number and operating condition to better equip your technicians. Using applicability rules for spares also ensures the availability of the correct serviceable part.

Increase the Efficiency & Productivity of Your Parts List Authors

Automatically generate Parts Lists from sBOM. Create Parts Catalogs for interactive and print part information delivery. Accelerate illustration creation by automatically generating interactive 2D and 3D representations of Parts Lists. Support work-in-process collaboration.

Simplify and Improve Your Change Management Processes

By building associativity, changes on the engineering parts are flagged on the service side and can be incorporated and reflected in updated service parts information. If you choose an enterprise level of deployment of PTC Windchill, you can perform extensive impact analysis to assess the impact of a design change on manufacturing and service before authorizing the change.

Enhance the Efficiency & Effectiveness of Support Organizations and End-Users

Empower technicians and dealer networks to quickly and easily order the correct parts with quick identification of the specific parts required for repair and service procedures. By providing accurate and up-to-date spare parts information to field personnel, you vastly reduce the time and effort required to repair or service a product.

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GPSL Implementation and Support for PTC Service and Parts Information Solution

As a PTC service advantage partner, we have extensive knowledge and experience of the PTC technical documentation technology stack. We have worked with varying scales of organizations, across many industry sectors using our proven approach. All of our solutions are future proof with the opportunity to customize and extend as your operations evolve over time.

Our on-going support services are focused on providing a remarkable service experience for all of our customers.

We recognize that support needs vary from customer to customer, across all industries, time zones and continents. That’s why we focus on delivering the highest level of service, however and whenever you need it, through online self-service tools and multiple communication channels.

PTC Service and Parts Information Solution - Key Features

  • Technical, parts and graphical information that is contextually rich to drive precision filtration for the service event at hand
  • Exceptional scalability for large content sets and worldwide/global user bases. Aggregation of multiple data sources and formats into a single user interface for better change management process, revision management and accelerated overall service information processes
  • Associative re-use of upstream engineering data such as Engineering Bills of Material (eBOM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) models, to drive authoring efficiency and change process for ensuring end user content trustworthiness
  • Automatically generates 2D/3D technical illustrations and accompanying callouts for the Parts Lists using PTC Creo® Illustrate
  • Enhanced service parts revenue with access to high quality, product-centric parts information, both directly and from related technical sources

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