Content Migration Services

Expert support to transform, update and upgrade your content to meet the requirements of your publishing systems

Remove the complexities from your content migration

Content structure is the backbone of any XML-based publishing solution. But structure, metadata and other enrichment of your content can change over time.

For GPSL, DTD migration and Schema migration are areas in which we have built considerable expertise and can help you with.

Our project managers and content experts work with you to manage and control your conversion and migration process. Our approach reduces overheads, workarounds and re-work required with less comprehensive migration services.

As part of our Content Migration Service we offer support for:

  • System migration – from one technology to another
  • DTD or Schema migration – e.g. from a custom SGML or XML DTD to a standard (whether DITA, S1000D, JATA, Akoma Ntoso or another)
  • Incorporating new data sets or merge data sets
  • Transforming legacy content or documents to an XML standard
  • Providing additional enrichment to support downstream product delivery

What happens during a content migration project?

We work with you during a migration project to undertake the following steps:

  1. Data analysis: comparison of old vs. new data formats, and the conversions required.
  2. Conversion setup: we will implement an automated, semi-automated or tool-assisted conversion process.
  3. Conversion: we will manage the conversion workload.
  4. Quality control: we will control the quality of the conversion by validating inputs, verifying outputs and feeding improvements back into the conversion process.
  5. Migration: we will configure the new system, upload all content, and verify that the system is ready to use.

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We also offer technical support packages for the simplest to the most complex environments.

What you need to consider when planning your content migration

What costs are involved and how long will it take?

This depends upon each content migration project. To gauge the time and costs, please contact us.

When can you start?

We can usually begin conversion setup within 1-2 weeks, but this process may itself take 1-2 weeks so you should expect a 3-4 week lead time before conversion begins.

What input formats do you accept?

We can work from almost any format. Commonly we work with PDF, Word, Excel, Framemaker, SGML, XML, and HTML.

What output formats can you produce?

We produce structured outputs such as XML, SGML or HTML.

What else do we need from you?

We do require your help with interpretation of your content, and any specific handling or technical requirements in the output.

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