Arbortext DITA Publishing Solution

The Arbortext DITA Publishing Solution will revolutionize the way you create, manage and deliver technical information.

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Arbortext DITA Publishing is a modular, reusable approach to creating, managing and delivering technical information.

It provides:

- Support for information sharing within workgroups, across the organization, and even across multiple organizations
- Higher quality content with support for information architecture
- Maximum content re-use
- Lower training costs
- Reduced costs of implementation with an out-of-the-box solution

DITA is one of the most important innovations in XML publishing in recent times.

The Arbortext solution for DITA Publishing provides you with an integrated environment for preparing and publishing technical documentation based on industry-standard DITA 1.3.

DITA’s mechanisms for modularity and adaptable data models make it easy for you to automatically assemble information from multiple authors, workgroups, divisions, and organizations for publishing to a variety of document types.

Simplify your content authoring and editing process

Authoring and edi5ng content is made simple with the world’s most advanced DITA content management system, Arbortext Editor. Reviews are enabled with change tracking, change marks and comments. Tables, equations, footnotes, illustrations, diagrams and more are easily inserted and managed.

Maximize your content re-use

Content is enabled for re-use, meaning you can “write once, use anywhere”. With DITA CMS, content can be filtered and varied according to the audience, product, model, serial number, language, and more. You may re-use en5re chapters, sections, tables, figures or even a single sentence.

Publish to multiple outputs from a single content source

Publishing to PDF, web, HTML Help, mobile and more is completely automated from a single content source. There is no need to manually prepare or format pages as the system automatically applies the required styling template. The templates are easily managed using the graphical Arbortext Styler tool.

Enhance your content translation capabilities with Arbortext DITA Publishing

All of this works with over 37 languages, including EFIGS, Russian, Greek, CJK, HAT and more*.

* EFIGS = English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
* CJK = Chinese, Japanese, Korean
* HAT = Hebrew, Arabic, Thai

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The only complete, fully integrated solution for DITA CMS out-of-the-box

Our Arbortext solution for DITA CMS is fully integrated and all the components are built to work together out of the box. Everything is tested, deployed, and upgraded together. In other words, the work to build the system has been done so that you don’t have to.

Our integrated solution will provide you with:

- Easier deployment and maintenance
- Greater scalability
- Enhanced stability
- More reliability
- Beaer long-term performance

GPSL Implementation and Support for Arbortext DITA Publishing Solution

As a PTC service advantage partner, we have extensive knowledge and experience of the PTC technical documentation technology stack. We have worked with varying scales of organizations, across many industry sectors using our proven approach. All our solutions are future-proof with the opportunity to customize and extend as your operations evolve over time.

Our on-going support services are focused on providing a remarkable service experience for all our customers.

We recognize that support needs vary from customer to customer, across all industries, time zones, and con5nents. That’s why we focus on delivering the highest level of service, however, and whenever you need it, through online self-service tools and multiple communication channels.

Contact our specialist team and find out how we can support and enhance the performance of your Arbortext DITA Publishing Solution

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