Technical Documentation Solutions

Our Technical Documentation Solutions will help you simplify the production of technical documentation for complex equipment

Key Information

Our Technical Documentation Solutions Software will help you automate your processes, reduce your costs, resolve your information integrity, and shorten your publication schedules.

Are your technical publication processes complicated, slow, costly, or prone to error?

If so, you are not alone.

Delivering technical documentation for complex equipment across global markets is a complex and sizable challenge for most organizations.

Our integrated solution can scale from small workgroups to large distributed teams, or from simple equipment to complicated assemblies with thousands of parts.

Whatever the size of your operations, our Technical Documentation Solution will enable you to benefit from:

  • Reduced content production times.We remove the overhead of fiddling with styles, lists and tables by automating the page production process
  • Smarter management of multiple manuals. Within our Technical Documentation Software, product options and variants are modelled through applicability filters in the documentation. Outputs for each product variant or option group are automatically assembled from a single source of content
  • Automated distribution to multiple output formats.Content is authored in a neutral XML format and automatically published to PDF, HTML, HTML Help, etc. in up to 37 languages
  • Reduced translation effort and costs.Only modified content needs to be translated, and industry standard XLIFF format is supported for easy and cost-effective interchange of translations

Our Technical Documentation Software is scalable and yours will be tailored to suit your business requirements and can consist of the following key components:

  • Authoring - user-friendly XML editor
  • Publishing - automated output to PDF, HTML, HTML Help, etc. according to configured templates
  • Repository and workflow - central, secure storage with configurable workflow engine
  • Review and approval - web-based review tool with XML editing capabilities
  • Applicability of content or data to multiple equipment configurations natively supported
  • Reviewers and occasional contributors can work with the content through their web browser
  • Language translations are simplified and the overall workflow management is automated

Q: How is content migrated from my existing system?

GPSL offers content migrations services, including conversion, quality check and upload.

Q: Can Illustrated Parts Catalogs also be managed by the system?

Yes, there is add-on capability for managing Service BOMs and Parts Lists.

Q: How are illustrations and drawings managed?

These can also be stored in the repository. If the PTC tools are used, (Creo, ISODraw, Creo Illustrate) then 2D and 3D illustrations may be managed in an integrated environment with live links to the content.