Quark Procedure Management

Improve your organization’s compliance, reduce costs, and boost customer service with Quark Procedure Management

Key Information

Improve your organization’s compliance, reduce costs and boost customer service.

With Quark Procedure Management, you can streamline the creation, management and publishing of your company’s policies and procedures.

  • Write Modular, Reusable Content. Quark'spowerful XML Smart Content engine, means that you can write a piece of content once and then reuse it any number of times in other documents. And when it comes time to update or change your content or procedure, the solution will automatically update all of the documents that depend on it.
  • Create, Approve and Publish Faster.With powerful built-in workflows and collaboration features, Quark make it easy for your global team to work together to deliver great results on time.
  • Publish to More Than Just Print.Quark Procedure Management can publish to print, PDF, web, and mobile – giving you device appropriate output to all the platforms your company is using today or will be using tomorrow.
  • Give the Right Procedures to the Right People. Quark Procedure Management helps you untangle the mess by making it easy to add metadata and organization to your procedures. That means your team can quickly find the right information at the right time, saving both time and money.
  • Reduce your risk of non-compliance. Quark Procedure Management manages thousands of information products and ensures the necessary disclosures, auditing and distribution taking the burden of data regulation away from your sales and trading teams.
  • So Easy, Anyone Can Create Smart Content. Quark Procedure Management is so easy-to-use, your subject matter experts can focus on writing instead of learning complex technical syntax. That means you can train your team faster and see results sooner, all with fewer sup- port headaches.
  • Easily reuse and update content from one procedure to the next with the power of XML Smart Content
  • Add custom metadata to organize your procedures and make them searchable
  • Align your teams with shared online workflows and approvals
  • Publish to the channels that matter to you – whether it’s PDF, web or mobile
  • Turn your subject matter experts into contributors with Quark’s intuitive authoring platform