Quark investment research reporting

Streamline the process of creating investment research and delivering it to PDF, email, the Web, tablets, smartphones and beyond

Key Information

We live in the era of now.

Your customers want to access your investment research whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device they choose.

Now they can.

The Quark Investment Research Reporting Solution allows your company to:

  • Create personalized, interactive, up-to-the-minute research opinions and advice
  • Automatically assemble and publish to email, Web, PDFs, aggregators, tablet and smartphone apps
  • Dramatically increase the volume of quality research without adding resources
  • Give clients more of what they want through deep insights, analytics and visualizations
  • Streamline collaboration and review and approval, automate compliance and production processes
  • Understand what research clients are viewing with consumption feedback
  • Easy Integration with Third-Party Platforms
  • Interactive Charts and Tables
  • Social Media Linking
  • Readership Tracking
  • Integrates Local, Remote and Offshore Analysts
  • Component-Level Workflow and Content Lifecycle Control
  • Automated Regulatory Compliance Checks
  • Research Personalization
  • Content Security
  • Rich Metadata
  • Professional Design Capabilities