Legacy S1000D Support for Windchill S1000D SIM

Manage new and legacy S1000D data in one solution to achieve more accurate, more reusable mission-ready service information and increase technical writer efficiency by up to 90%

Key Information

Your legacy XML S1000D data can now be supported in PTC’s Windchill S1000D Solution.

By adding our legacy module to the standard Windchill S1000D Solution you can manage both new and legacy S1000D projects in one advanced solution.

Why move to Windchill S1000D SIM?

Being able to manage your new and legacy S1000D data in one solution is just the tip of the iceberg. With Windchill Service Information Manager, your technical information is more accurate, more reuse-able, and more efficient.

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With Windchill S1000D SIM you can:

  • Automatically transform engineering product data into reusable content for technical publications
  • Organize spare parts information based on in-field configurations, operating conditions, and other service-specific data
  • Automatically update parts information whenever engineering teams apply changes
  • Centralize and organize product information according to serviceable components, sub-components and parts
  • Include and exclude specific service information depending on its applicability in certain situations
  • Automatically recognize dependencies among components and associated parts

Not only do these functions ensure your customers receive more accurate, mission ready, service information but they also increase your technical writer efficiency up to 90%.

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