Embedded Hi-Tech Teams

Solve your hi-tech, emerging technology recruitment problems with a distributed onshore and offshore team.

Are you struggling to recruit and keep the highly skilled hi-tech talent that you need?

You are not alone.

The competition for emerging technology skills such as Salesforce and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been high. But as more and more industries look to automate and digitalize their processes in the move towards digital transformation, the demand for hi-tech talent has rocketed.

You need to rethink your approach to hi-tech recruitment if you are to fill these specialized technical roles.

The Solution – A distributed onshore and offshore team delivering hi-tech emerging technology skills.

Your culture, your operations, your team.

A unique onshore-offshore solution

A distributed hi-tech team is a revolutionary long-term solution to the shortage of highly-skilled technical resources.

Your team is distributed but they are embedded in your operations & culture – you help select them, they are your Team.

Which skill sets do we support with a distributed team?

Our Distributed Team resources major in emerging technology such as:

  • Salesforce Development and Administration
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing
  • e-Commerce
  • Application Support -Batch Job / Data Pipeline Support and Debugging
  • Application Development and Integration
How does it work?

We work with you to build you a distributed (offshore and onshore) IT Team.

Your distributed Team is embedded in your operations and vastly increases the volume, quality, and skillsets of your technical resources.

This provides you with three vital advantages over traditional recruitment approaches:

1. Better

You create an extension of your technology operation as oppose to outsourcing and you extend the availability of your resources and your support hours

2. Quicker

Enables you to rapidly recruit the skill sets you need for quicker implementation of strategic goals

3. Cheaper

Improves the effectiveness of your in-house resources and provides a lower total cost of ownership for your infrastructure and applications

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Embedded Hi-Tech Teams

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