Arbortext DITA Publishing

The Arbortext DITA Publishing Solution is a modular and reusable approach to creating, managing and delivering technical information based on industry standard DITA 1.3.

Key Information

The only complete, fully integrated solution for DITA out-of-the-box

Our DITA solution is fully integrated and all the components are built to work together out of the box. Everything is tested, deployed, and upgraded together.

In other words, the work to build the system has been done so that you don’t have to.

Using our DITA publishing solution you will be able to:

  • Simplify your content authoring and editing process. Our solution makes it easy for you to automatically assemble information from multiple authors, workgroups, divisions, and organizations for publishing to a variety of document types.
  • Maximize your content re-use. Content is enabled for re-use, meaning you can “write once, use anywhere”. With our DITA CMS, content can be filtered and varied according to the audience, product, model, serial number, language, and more. You may re-use entire chapters, sections, tables, figures or even a single sentence.
  • Publish to multiple outputs from a single content source. Publishing to PDF, web, HTML Help, mobile and more is completely automated from a single content source. There is no need to manually prepare or format pages as the system automatically applies the required styling template.
  • Enhance your content translation capabilities. All of this works with over 37 languages, including EFIGS, Russian, Greek, CJK, HAT and more*.

* EFIGS = English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.CJK = Chinese, Japanese, Korean.HAT = Hebrew, Arabic, Thai