ThingWorx Navigate

ThingWorx Navigate enables any stakeholder throughout your product’s lifecycle, to have access to the latest, most accurate product information to drive critical decisions

Key Information

Access the most up-to-date product information whenever and wherever you need it.

ThingWorx Navigate provides complete, contextual, up-to-date, and accurate product data from systems of record without complex user experiences, lengthy training, inflexible integration projects, or long-term customizations.

  • Connect everyone to product data easily for accurate decision making, driven by up-to-date product information.
  • Experience your data in new intuitive ways with a training free, modern UI delivering role based information.
  • Build new user experiences quickly for apps that are extensible, agile and seamless. Using source data from the cloud, on premises, SaaS or mixed.
  • A single access point to essential product data from Windchill, PTC’s world-class PLM system
  • A simple and modern self-service user interface on the device that’s most convenient for you -- with no need for training
  • Purpose-built, role or task based apps allowing you to view drawings or view a Parts List
  • Role-based data access to stakeholders, ensuring they see only the data that they need

"Role-based offerings, like [ThingWorx] Navigate, which are targeted to different organizational roles and use cases, are essential to optimizing access to up-to-date product data across the extended enterprise."

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Free Trial

Built for the occasional user, ThingWorx Navigate View applications consolidate just the information needed from all product development related systems.

The result? Engineers will spend less time retrieving and formatting product data, while down-stream teams can access the data they need in real-time and in an easily consumable way.

In this 15-day trial, test-drive what it’s like to use ThingWorx Navigate View applications

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