MilSpec Application Subscription

Enabling you to create compliant technical data to meet military standards for U.S Army, Navy, USMC, USAF, and global FMS projects

Your MilSpec Subscription

GPSL’s MilSpec subscription makes authoring and printing in military specifications simple.

  • Our single authoring and print application for MilSpec enables you to create and deliver compliant XML data for US Military Programs.
  • We set up your environment to author compliant SGML/XML and publish documentation in your required specification immediately whether in Print Composer or Publishing Engine.
  • While your subscription is active, we make sure Arbortext is properly installed and configured and that the stylesheets are updated to remain compatible with your version.
What are Military Specifications?

Military specifications are controlled document types implemented to create standardization across Department of Defense products. Depending on the type of document being delivered, it will be governed by a different specification.

MilSpec stylesheets originate with the Department of Defense. The controlling agency authors and releases the stylesheets included in the specification. Often, these stylesheets are then customized for individual applications.

Arbortext Change Page Application (CPA)* contained customizations for numerous specifications.

With that program retired, GPSL has migrated those doctypes and included stylesheets, to the latest version of Arbortext Editor.

*Please note, while we have migrated CPA stylesheets, we do not support actual change page features.

Supported Doctypes

We currently support the following Doctypes and additional doctype can be configured on request:


  • 9977K-GV6D0P0
  • 9977K-DV6D0P0
  • 9977K1CV6aD0P0


  • 38314-BV8D0P0


  • 83495B1CV6D1P0
  • 83495B1CV6aD3P0
  • 83495B1BV6D0P0
  • 83495B1BV6aD0P1
  • 83495B1AV6aD0P2


  • 38807C-AV6D0P0


  • 5096F-DV8D0P0
  • 5096F-DV6aD1P0
  • 5096F-BV8D0P0
  • 5096F-BV6D0P0
  • 5096F-AV6D0P0


  • 38769D-BV6aD1P0


  • 87929C-AV6aD1P0


  • 38784STD-BV9
  • 38784STD-BV7

Further Information

To find out more about what is included in your MilSpec Subscription please Download the MilSpec Subscription Datasheet here.

Alternatively, get in touch with us and we can arrange one of our MilSpec experts to get back to you and discuss your specific requirements.

In the meantime, take a look at our video below which steps through how the MilSpec application works.