Arbortext Styler

Arbortext Styler allows designers to create multi-channel, XML-based stylesheets without the programming

Key information

PTC Arbortext Styler gives you the power to create XML-based stylesheets and automatically deliver high-quality, structured content in multiple languages and media outputs

Arbortext Styler allows you to create a single source of style by supporting multiple output types in a single stylesheet.

Stylesheets created in Arbortext Styler are used by Arbortext publishing software to transform XML content into output for print, PDF, HTML and Web pages, HTML Help, Microsoft® Word® and wireless devices.

  • Ensure consistent, high-quality structured content across multiple media types. Create a single, easy-to-use interface for all structured content layouts and publish automatically
  • Increase designer productivity and value by sharing formatting across media types, or set up unique formatting for specific media types
  • Reduce publishing production costs and cycle times by creating a single-source of style to eliminate the development, maintenance and disparity of multiple stylesheets

  • Develop and maintain stylesheets for multiple output types in a single user interface
  • Simplified stylesheet creation puts styling in the hands of your designers reducing or eliminating the need for specialized programming skills.
  • Share formatting across media types, or set up unique formatting for specific media types–all within the same stylesheet.
  • Modularity of your stylesheets enables content reuse and ensures the accuracy and consistency of your structured content across all output types.
  • Arbortext Styler provides foreign language support, enabling you to easily and automatically layout and publish localized product information.
  • Import existing FOSI stylesheets and export multiple stylesheet formats, including XSL-HTML, XSL- FO, and FOSI, and Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher templates.
  • Easily implement publishing standards like DITA and S1000D

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