Arbortext Publishing Engine

Dynamic publishing software to enable you to deliver the highest-quality and consistent product and service information throughout your product’s lifecycle

Key Information

Arbortext Publishing Engine - Embrace intelligent, multi-channel publishing

Deliver customized and consistent technical information to increase repair rates and reduce servicing errors

  • Convert and merge your content automatically to provide consistent, tailored information for each audience
  • Ensure high quality, automated information delivery in the format, language and output required

Minimize your publishing costs

  • Generate one or several outputs simultaneously to Web, interactive and page-based formats to eliminate disparate publishing processes
  • Eliminate expensive, labor-intensive layout and design tasks associated with multiple document types, languages and media formats

Reduce the time to delivery and generate real-time technical documentation

  • Automate the publishing process to reduce publishing cycle time from weeks to minutes
  • Deliver updated, accurate technical documentation in real-time across all geographies


  • Automatically manipulate, aggregate and profile your content to ensure the right information gets to each audience
  • Enforce stylesheet rules to automate the layout process and ensure information consistency using styling rules from DITA, S1000D & other standards
  • Enable publishing for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and Thai, as well as all western European alphabets
  • Deliver your technical information dynamically to all media formats based on document stylesheet or configuration
  • Support for XML, SGML, XSL, XPath, XInclude, SVG, and the document object model (DOM) standards


  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Manufacturing