Product Update: S1000D for PTC Windchill now supports S1000D Issue 2.3 and 3.0

No S1000D Project Left Behind!

Earlier this year, we rolled out the first feature/function update to our S1000D for PTC Windchill product. As well as some fancy new features (you can see them here), we added support for the latest version of the S1000D Specification - S1000D Issue 5.0.

Evolving our S1000D product in line with the S1000D specification updates is obviously a priority, but this long-established standard is also used on many programs in older, legacy versions.

Our goal is to help ALL of our A&D customers to simplify, integrate, and automate the creation and management of S1000D content.

This means that whether you support projects like the Airbus A400M on Issue 2.3, are about to take on a new Issue 5.0 project, or manage data for any of the S1000D Issues in-between, we want you to be able to manage all of your data in one place.

So that is exactly what we have enabled with this release —managing multiple issues of S1000D, including 2.3 and 3.0, in one product.

Read on for further information about our Fall release of S1000D for PTC Windchill, which includes S1000D Issue 2.3 and Issue 3.0 support.


Being able to manage all of your S1000D content from Issue 2.3 to Issue 5.0 in Windchill is a gamechanger!

It means that ALL of your technical information is more accurate, more reuseable, and more efficient.

The S1000D for PTC Windchill Fall release enables projects supporting S1000D Issue 2.3 or Issue 3.0 to experience the benefits of Windchill and the Digital Thread such as:

  • Create Data Modules using the Arbortext Editor S1000D authoring support
  • Manage Data Modules and illustrations in PTC Windchill
  • Automatically transform engineering product data into reusable content for technical publications
  • Organize spare parts information based on in-field configurations, operating conditions, and other service-specific data
  • Automatically update parts information whenever engineering teams apply changes
  • Centralize and organize product information according to serviceable components, sub-components, and parts
  • Automatically recognize dependencies among components and associated parts

Get in touch for more information.

Find out more about S1000D for PTC Windchill Here

Download the Datasheet here

Windchill Product Migration and Update

Everything works if you migrate your data to the latest PTC Windchill 11.2.1 or 12.0 release.

With the release of Windchill 11.2.1 and 12.0 by PTC, we have tested and verified that S1000D for PTC Windchill is compatible and still functions as expected.

Please get in touch if you need help with an upgrade or would like more information about what this entails.


The next release of S1000D for PTC Windchill is scheduled for Spring 2021.

Click here and complete the form to be kept up to date of planned updates and for a sneak preview of the new features.

In the meantime, if you need any advice, S1000D support, training, or just want to chat through your project, please get in touch with us here.


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