Product Update: S1000D for PTC Windchill available NOW!

Kate Hawkins

We don’t like to stand still.

We are constantly evolving and finding ways to improve our services and solutions to better support our Aerospace and Defense customers.

So, when we took on the S1000D for PTC Windchill product last year, it didn’t take long for our product development and customer support teams to get their heads together and generate an exciting new roadmap for the product.

Today we are delighted to announce the release of our first feature/function update to the S1000D for PTC Windchill product.

What’s changed? Read on for the details of the extended feature set.

S1000D Issue 5.0 Support

S1000D Issue 5.0 is now supported.

All great products need to be future-proof.

With this mantra in mind, we have extended the feature set with the introduction of S1000D Issue 5.0 support.

GPSL will be updating the S1000D for PTC Windchill application over several releases to fully support Issue 5.0 and expand on the prior Issue 4.2 support implemented by PTC.

This initial release implements support for:

  • Issue 5.0 Schemas
  • Import/Export
  • Authoring and Workflow Process
DMRL Import from Excel

We’ve listened to your feedback and now you can carry out a DMRL import from an Excel Spreadsheet.

Customers had reported that management of the S1000D SNS (Windchill Information Structure) could be challenging when creating and managing project nodes. So we added a new feature to allow an Excel file to be used to define the SNS/Information Structure nodes and import the changes into an existing Windchill product.

So, we have added a new feature which allows an Excel file to be used to define the SNS/Information Structure nodes and import the changes into an existing Windchill Product.

This initial support is just the introduction to the Excel Import/SNS Management framework and enhanced node management in the Information Structure tree. In future releases, GPSL intends to expand on this functionality to support other features such as node removal, renaming, and Data Module creation.

We've added Editor Alias files

To make your life easier, we’ve added Editor Alias files to support S1000D Project configuration attributes.

S1000D Chapter details the configurable S1000D project attributes. This list of attribute values and descriptions can be overwhelming to both new and experienced authors.

With the implementation of the Editor Alias files, the authoring environment can now display a meaningful string to the author, while maintaining the actual attribute values within the XML.

Arbortext Compatible

Everything works with the latest PTC Arbortext Editor and Publishing Engine release.

With the release of Arbortext Editor and Publishing by PTC, we have tested and verified that S1000D for PTC Windchill is compatible and still functions as expected.

What next?

The next release of S1000D for PTC Windchill is scheduled for Autumn 2020.

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Right now, change is happening all around us at a rate and in a direction that none of us could have envisaged a few months, or even weeks ago. Like all businesses, we are shifting and adapting to this changing landscape to ensure that we can better support you through these challenging times.

Due to the global nature of our company, all of our customer support services have been designed to be carried out remotely. So although we'd prefer to come and meet you and scribble together over a whiteboard, we are just as effective when we have to share a whiteboard online.

Our customer analysis workshops and S1000D training courses have always been offered as online sessions so the current travel restrictions do not need to stop you fixing issues with current projects or making future plans.

If you need any advice, S1000D support, training, or just want to chat through your project, please get in touch with us here.


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