Meet the Team - Christina Bergling, Solution Architect

Everyone on the team here at GPSL is an expert in their field and a thoroughly nice human: it’s why we hire them!

If you are working with us on a project, you’ll meet many of them via online meetings or on site where they demonstrate their knowledge, expertise, and charm.

But how did they get to where they are, what makes them tick, and how did they get so nice?

We set Charles Angione on a mission to chat with (interrogate) Christina Bergling, one of our Solution Architects, to find out how she knows what she knows and what else she’s been up to!

Need help from nice experts?

We are not a software company; we’re a solutions company, and it’s the people and knowledge behind our solutions that make them work for you.

We don't engage in a project until we properly understand the business problems and requirements, and we always look at the bigger picture to design a solution.

All of our projects start with a conversation, so get in touch with our team today, and find out how what we know can help you.


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