It's good to be different

We have a confession... Here at GPSL, we are not very good at selling software.

Rather than doing endless demos, sending countless emails trying to convince you to replace your existing software solutions with ours, or polishing up our slide decks, we have a seemingly unorthodox sales approach…

Our Approach

We like to talk to our customers.

We don’t engage in anything until we properly understand their problems and requirements, and we always look at the bigger picture to design a solution.

What this approach costs us in terms of volume licence sales, it more than makes up for in customer satisfaction, long term customer relationships, and job satisfaction for our team.

Most of our customer engagements start with an Analysis Workshop.

While we prefer to perform this activity in person, this activity can easily be accomplished remotely with video conferences.

This first step makes us different (and proud to be so).

When you are looking at a problem from the inside, it can be overwhelming.

You are an expert in where you are; you need an expert in where you could go.

That is our speciality!

Our industry experts look at your problem with an outside perspective and ask the right questions, expose your blindspots, demystify industry terms, and offer best practice solutions.

What's in it for you?

So we've spent time getting to grips with your problem and the bigger picture, but what do you get at the end of this process?

The Analysis workshop results in you being presented with an Analysis Report including our recommendations, a solution design, and an implementation roadmap.

This report belongs to you, and you are under no obligation to work with us on the implementation. You can skip off into the sunset and do with it as you wish.

However, by this point, we have usually become quite a united team with a joint goal.

We’ve brainstormed over long distance coffee, laughed at the mute button mishaps, pondered over process diagrams together, scribbled on an online whiteboard, and hopefully quite like each other. So, you may need to let us down gently!

Our sole focus, starting with this Analysis Workshop, is to improve your processes with a solution that makes you more efficient and saves you time and money…even if it’s not using our software offerings.

What a workshop looks like

You have engineers on the left of you, logisticians on the right, technical writers reporting to you, and customers looking for a delivery.

And all of them are dissatisfied. The Analysis Workshop gives you the opportunity to bring them all together, to herd all the cats to get a holistic view of your what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better.

Armed with a workshop agenda in advance, you schedule the meetings, rotating the attendees based on the topics.

The opening sessions are high-level, full of introductions and concepts to the executives and department heads.

Then the meetings change into deep-dive sessions, focused on each individual group.

We ask engineering how they are managing and storing their CAD data, ask Logistics how they maintain their maintenance task analysis and sparing information, ask Technical Publications about their processes for revising files and releasing updated manuals, ask how customer feedback is collected, ask how change management is governed.

Then we start asking the hardest question: why?

Why are these things done in these ways? We might just tell you that you have been doing the wrong thing just because it’s the way it has always been done.

After we find out where each group is, we talk about the touch points between, how information and accountability is transmitted down the chain. How do you all work together? Or, rather, how are you not working together when you should be?

We talk about where you want to go. We give everyone the opportunity to make a “wish list” of all the functionality they need in the future solution…and all the functionality they want too.

Before the workshop ends, solutionizing begins a bit. While the problems aren’t solved in this session, we put the online whiteboard to work so we can provide an idea of what we are thinking or potential solutions we will later flesh out in the Analysis Report.

We want to leave the workshop giving you a good idea of our intentions for the implementation project.

Find out more

Hopefully this approach seems refreshing to you rather than odd.

We are not a software company; we’re a solutions company and it’s the knowledge behind our solutions that make them work for you.

So get in touch with our team today and have a chat to find out how what we know can help you.


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