GPSL selected as technology partner for the U.S Navy’s MBPS initiative.

What is MBPS

The U.S Navy maritime Model Based Product Support (MBPS) program is a logistics IT transformation effort that will increase weapon system uptime and reduce support costs.

The exciting initiative will enable the U.S. Navy to support more than fifteen thousand users, an expansive supplier network, and a vast fleet of ships and submarines.

The integrated MBPS solution will improve material availability and reliability, increase operational availability, and reduce Operation and Sustainment (O&S) costs for the US Navy.

Why is MBPS needed?

The U.S Navy’s current logistics IT systems that provide support for ships and weapon systems are outdated. As such they cannot keep pace with rapidly changing and emerging technologies.

This greatly inhibits the enterprise to effectively and cohesively sustain the fleet.

MBPS will enable a move from an analogic, 2D, reactive system requiring manual input of data to a digital, 3D, predictive analytics state equipped with:

  • automated processes
  • integrated data
  • dynamic updates from in-service usage

MBPS is anticipated to rapidly modernize warfare systems product support by improving availability, readiness, and cost, and place the necessary tools for success in the hands of warfare centers, ISEAs, and warfighters.

What is GPSL's involvement in MBPS?

Our team will enable advanced data acquisition requirements tools within the (MBPS) environment. This will allow Navy program offices to enforce common data standards, requirements and acquisition approaches.

The GPSL team's expertise in data acquisition, logistics data management, and the S1000D standard are critical components of the digital thread and digital twin objectives of the MBPS initiative.

As well as MBPS, we are also part of the team of vendors working on The U.S Navy’s Acquisition Requirements for Training Transformation (ARTT) project.

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