GPSL launch Xignal S1000D

GPSL’s mission has always been to distil complex content management processes to be more intuitive and interactive for the end-user.

So today, we are delighted to announce that TechDocX is joining GPSL and bringing with it technology and a team committed to shaping the way that organisations create, manage and moreover collaborate on S1000D technical data across the ecosystem.

Founded in 2019, TechDocX released the initial S1000D SaaS based offering mid 2020. Bringing together TechDocX’ experience in cloud-based S1000D and GPSL’s XML, publishing and S1000D experience has made for a natural union. As a result of this union, GPSL is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation SaaS S1000D application – Xignal S1000D.


“We are delighted to be joining a company with whom we share a common vision for creating efficiencies within the S1000D supply chain via cloud-based technologies. Our collaboration has resulted in the launch of an innovative solution which will revolutionise the production, validation, and exchange of data from the smallest to the largest of organisations.” Jake Memery, Managing Director, TechDocX Ltd

Jake Memery, Managing Director, TechDocX Ltd

Xignal S1000D is a modern S1000D authoring, collaboration and publishing solution designed to support the entire supply chain.

Whether you are new to S1000D or already familiar with S1000D, whether you are a big enterprise or a small business, this browser-based application makes S1000D easy every step of the way.


“Cloud-based applications are revolutionising publishing across all the industry sectors we support; this has enabled us to shape end user interactions with content. S1000D technical documentation is a perfect candidate for the efficiencies and simplicity that the cloud brings to publishing and TechDocX vision and passion for S1000D align well with our own.” Lawrie Stevens, CEO, GPSL


Curious to learn more about Xignal S1000D and see it in action?

Join us for our launch webinar on April 26th – Register here for a first-hand view of the platform in action.


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