Create S1000D Service Information from PTC Windchill 12.0.2

PTC Windchill 12 helps customers adopt more flexible ways of producing products by ensuring digital thread continuity between design and the information on the factory shop floor.

This latest version of Windchill introduces powerful BOM transformation tools that enable engineers to quickly view and reconcile upstream changes to downstream manufacturing and plant-specific BOMs.

However if you are using PTC Windchill to manage data for aerospace and defence programs and want to fully leverage the benefits of the digital thread, you need to be able to connect your data from engineering right through to S1000D service information delivered to IETP.

The good news is…we’ve got you covered!

Our latest version of S1000D for PTC Windchill (Autumn 2021 release) is fully compatible with Windchill 12.0.2 and includes all the functionality you need to ensure the digital thread is optimized for S1000D output.

Creating S1000D Service Information from PTC Windchill

S1000D for PTC Windchill connects all of your data along the digital thread, from engineering to service, with specific S1000D CSDB functions.

This means:

Better Content

• Accurate, up-to-date, context-specific content

• Improved service information quality

• Improved part identification

• Improved part ordering accuracy

Better Business Processes

• Reduced printing and distribution costs

• Reduced publishing cycle times

• Increased authoring and technician productivity

• Increased efficiency in content and service delivery

• Improved customer satisfaction

What's included in the 12.0.2 release of S1000D for PTC Windchill?

Support for S1000D Issue 2.3 to 5.0

Our goal is to help ALL of our A&D customers to simplify, integrate, and automate the creation and management of S1000D content. So this latest version of S1000D for PTC Windchill supports S1000D Issue 2.3 to 5.0.

This means that whether you support projects like the Airbus A400M on Issue 2.3, are about to take on a new Issue 5.0 project or manage data for any of the S1000D Issues in-between, you can manage all of your data in one place.

DMRL Import from an Excel Spreadsheet

Customers had reported that management of the S1000D SNS (Windchill Information Structure) could be difficult when creating and managing the nodes for Projects.

So, we have added a feature which allows an Excel file to be used to define the SNS/Information Structure nodes and import the changes into an existing Windchill Product.

Editor Alias files to support S1000D Project configuration attributes

With the implementation of the Editor Alias files, the authoring environment can now display a meaningful string to the author, while maintaining the actual attribute values within the XML.

Windchill Product Migration and Update

Everything works if you migrate your data to the latest PTC Windchill 12.0.2 release and we have improved the installation application.

With the release of Windchill 12.0.2 by PTC, we have improved our application installer to make life just that little bit easier when you need to migrate your Windchill data from an earlier version.

So if you are on Windchill version 11.0M030, 11.1M020, or, you can import your data into a new server running Windchill 12.0.1 and everything will be back up and running like clockwork.

Future Updates

The next release of S1000D for PTC Windchill is scheduled for Spring 2022.

Click here and complete the form to be kept up to date of planned updates and for a sneak preview of the new features.

In the meantime, if you need any advice, S1000D support, training, or just want to chat through your project, please get in touch with us at


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