We've worked with governments and legislatures around the world to replace out-dated and unsupported drafting technologies. In their place, we've delivered best practice systems and processes that are more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

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We understand the issues of using traditional processes and legacy technologies while needing to keep up with an accelerating legislative workload in an increasingly complex world.

The opportunity presented by digital transformation is clear: achieve faster, more accurate drafting; facilitate collaboration and consultation among all stakeholders; be more responsive to change and deliver better value in the long term.

In short, create an engine for the effective management of the law that's fit for the twenty first century.

The threat resides in the pace of change and the ability of traditional processes and legacy technologies to keep up with an accelerating legislative workload in an increasingly complex world.

We have worked with legislative drafting bodies at state and national level around the world to replace outdated and unsupported technologies (usually MS Word, Wordperfect and Framemaker) with bespoke, automated solutions, designed to handle large volumes of content, links, and relationships whilst benefiting from open data compliance.

  • Amendments are automatically entered into all publications that dynamically reference the amended clause. Where the reference is static, it will remain unchanged.

  • A central repository of references is automatically updated as new legislation is registered. This enables drafters to quickly and easily find and reference existing legislation and instruments.
  • Reference links are validated during drafting and publishing.

  • XML-based legislation can be easily and simultaneously supplied in multiple consumable formats.

  • Web-based review and drafting tools allow collaborators to work directly on the legislation without problems of versioning, lost comments and file transfers.


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