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Streamline, simplify, and automate the publishing of investment analyst reports, pitchbooks, fund fact sheets, and marketing collateral to multiple channels.

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We understand that content, consistency, and quality of experience are the foundations on which your brand value are built.

Digital transformation is disrupting the finance sector, forcing institutions to streamline and automate complex, business-critical processes and still deliver ever more personalized services to customers.

This is as true for the delivery of information – whether it be for marketing, research, or compliance purposes – as it is for products and services.

We work with financial firms in an increasingly fast-paced and tightly regulated environment to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Crucially, we ensure it arrives in the right format on any device, because consistency and quality of experience are the foundations on which trust and brand value are built.

  • Provide content in the format your users demand 
  • Preview on demand with built-in previewing system for all delivery channels, ensuring consistency and quality
  • Consistently deliver a single version of the truth and ensure confidence in the integrity of information at the point of use
  • Retain fixed pagination despite variable character counts across different languages

  • Easily reuse and update content from one procedure to the next with the power of XML Smart Content
  • Enhance collaboration with powerful built-in workflows and collaboration features 
  • Easily add metadata and organization to procedures to quickly identify, locate, and access the right information
  • Easy-to-use tools enable contributors to input effectively with minimal training
  • API technologies to enable easy and secure integration with everything from Microsoft Office to complex business infrastructures
  • Reduce authoring time with automated template creation and direct integration of marketing tools with other data sources

  • Ensure compliance across multiple markets and languages with the ability to change once and update throughout, saving time, effort and money while improving integrity
  • Enforce best practice throughout the information lifecycle, including effective disposal of superseded or redundant content

  • Automate use and reuse of content and manage revisions in multiple instances with minimum downtime or disruption
  • Manage version control with multiple authors across diverse locations
  • Enforce rules and policies around content formatting, ensuring sign-off on revisions and reducing proofing, compliance, and QA cycles
  • Easily merge narrative content — such as investment objectives, strategies, and profiles of fund managers — with data from spreadsheets and data repositories, such as holding percentages, returns, and performance

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