Working with multi-spec data is common practice across A&D.

But up until now, if you were working with legacy XML S1000D data, your data modules were not supported in PTC’s Windchill S1000D Solution.

Join Mitch Bakos, GPSL CTO, as he demonstrates how your legacy XML S1000D data can now be supported in PTC’s Windchill S1000D Solution.

Supporting Your Legacy S1000D Data

By adding our legacy module to the standard Windchill S1000D Solution you can manage both new and legacy S1000D projects in one advanced solution.

During the 30 minute webinar you will discover how, by migrating to Windchill S1000D SIM with the legacy S1000D module, you will be able to:

  • Manage S1000D Issue "2.2/2.3 and 3" support within Windchill, showing Workflow/Lifecycle, User Management
  • Author in Editor with integration to Windchill (Figure/Reference insertion), BREX Validation and PDF Preview
  • Import and validate your data

Join us at 11am EDT on Wednedsay June 13.

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Join us at 11am EDT on 13th June to find out how to address the technology challenges of supporting your legacy S1000D data in Windchill S1000D SIM Solution