From Author to IADS - How PTC Windchill can optimize your MIL-STD 40051 data creation, management, and delivery

If you have a contract deliverable for MIL-STD 40051, our new Windchill add-on module can optimize your 40051 data creation, management, and delivery.

During this 30 minute webinar Christina Bergling and Ryan Lubben will demonstrate how 40051 for PTC Windchill will enable you to:

  • Author and save your 40051 data directly into PTC Windchill, utilize preconfigured work packages for 40051, and set up automated workflow for trackable file sharing, review, and validation.
  • Generate Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (RPSTL) from LSA036 data saving weeks of effort and ensures data integrity between the RPSTL and your LSA solution.
  • Create a Digital Thread to connect your engineering data directly to your parts information. 
  • Deliver your source content to your customer for PDF or IADS enabling you to meet your contractual requirements.

Click here to register for the webinar on the 31st August at 12 PM ET