Thales Australia Future Proof Their Products With GPSL's Automated S1000D Migration Solution


Thales Australia supplies and sustains a range of products for the Australian Defence Force.

Thales' product offering had been limited to DEF(AUST) 5629 and related standards which gave them a capability gap for projects requiring S1000D.

Thales needed to demonstrate S1000D capabilities as a differentiator for future projects and selected the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle as the candidate for this activity.

The Challenge

Automating a conversion of this nature is complex. The following specific challenges needed to be overcome:

  • Equipment configuration (seven primary variants, eight option groups per variant)
  • Differences in DEF(AUST) 5629 content model vs S1000D data module schema
  • Implementation of automated S1000D conversion process for MS Word documents
  • Implementation of automated parts data importer for PTC Windchill

It was critical that Thales chose a partner like GPSL with substantial knowledge and experience of S1000D systems.

The Solution

A process for automatically converting legacy content into S1000D. The solution also included a PTC Windchill S1000D CSDB with authoring and conversion capabilities fully integrated.

The Result

Due to the sensitive nature of the data, Thales could not offshore the conversion. The automation of our conversion tool saves a vast amount of time vs using manual processes.

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Business Profile:

Thales Australia

Thales in Australia is part of a leading international electronics and systems group


Defense, aerospace and space, security, and transport markets



Business Solution:

An S1000D migration process for Bushmaster ILS data.


  • Bespoke Data Conversion Tool
  • Seamless import of 5629 Data into S1000D Structure
  • Dynamic import of parts information through PTC Windchill Parts
  • Automatic creation of IPD parts Data
  • Improved change management/workflow between Engineering, ILS and Technical Documentation Groups

Solution Products:

PTC Windchill

PTC Arbortext

GPSL S1000D Converter/Loader