GPSL Enables Real-time Service Information Delivery

Repco moved its Autopedia subscription business from CD to an online encyclopedia.

Business Overview:

For 25 years, Repco, a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Group, has been supporting the independent automotive workshops with vital technical information so they can tackle the ever increasing complexity of the vehicles in Australia.
Autopedia is a program that is setting the benchmark in Australia delivering technical information and support to the automotive workshop. Autopedia delivers information in seconds about wiring diagrams, diagnostic and other vital information, increasing workshop efficiency and ensuring optimal service to their customers.

Autopedia – Always up to date

  • Autopedia is web based; the technical information, wiring diagrams and diagnostic data is constantly updated to ensure the customer always have access to the latest information.
  • Repco must ensure that Autopedia delivers continually updated, fresh content to support the demands of the customer
  • High Volume, High Quality Data

  • Autopedia provides access to over 1 million pages of OEM quality technical information, tailored to the Australian market.
  • The data management solution must provide robust, high-integrity data management capabilities to ensure high performance and reliability

The Solution:

GPSL developed, configured, and deployed an Enterprise CMS application with native support for XML/DITA objects to manage the ENC2 content, allowing authors, editors and reviewers to collaborate in an optimized workflow environment. The ECM system assembles and publishes approved content to Repco's web delivery platform for access by authorized subscribers.
GPSL also developed a system for Repco to import diverse thirdparty content across manufacturers and deliver this content for optimal use in Repco's Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) platform.


Business Profile:

Repco Australia has dramatically changed the landscape of the Australian automotive parts industry, by investing a whopping $50 million in their ‘More Parts for More Cars' program.


Automotive Aftermarket


Australia and New Zealand

Business Solution:

PTC Arbortext Service Lifecycle Management solution

Solution Products:

Arbortext Content Manager, Arbortext Editor


  • Over $1M in new subscriptions in first year
  • Return on investment less than one year
  • Provides access to over a million pages of OEM quality technical information
  • Enables customers to fix cars faster