RR Donnelley / Bowne

GPSL Drives Greater Efficiencies

Fierce competition forces Bowne toward greater innovation

Business Overview:

Bowne & Co., Inc. is the world's largest financial printer, specializing in the creation, management, and delivery of IPO, M&A, EDGAR and other regulatory and compliance documents.


Bowne needed an advanced composition engine that significantly reduced production costs, improved productivity, and reduced turnaround times.

Additional issues faced:

  • Multiple-users on single cohesive document
  • Drive toward greater efficiencies
  • XBRL – a challenge and an opportunity
  • Rapid edit turnaround for clients
  • Evolution toward self-service model


  • Financial Tables
  • Clients expect financial print turnaround times even for the most complex work
  • Increased foreign language requirements


  • Speed, accuracy, adherence to style
  • Every job needs to be customized with generic, all-purpose tools
  • Need to respond quickly to unexpected demands
  • Worldwide distributed composing platform and local sales/service centers

GPSL Solution:

Fully customized application comprising complete UI development and production system integrating automated composition. The solution provides Bowne the potential their system needs to grow and stay competitive and has allowed Bowne to evolve from the world's largest financial printer into an integrated, diversified and global document and information management solutions provider.


Business Profile:

Bowne and Co.


Financial Printing


New York, New York USA

Business Solution:

ACE – Advanced Composition Engine


APP Desktops and APP Enterprise Servers


  • Now able to manage, repurpose and distribute a client's information to any audience, through any medium, in any language, anywhere in the world.
  • The solution allows Bowne the ability to grow and stay competitive
  • Increased operational flexibility, resulting in additional pages handled without additional staff costs