Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

GPSL Deploys World's Most Robust Multi-Language Publishing Platform

Customer needed to modernize its enterprise publishing system to produce documentation supporting global products distribution.

Business Overview:

Portfolio includes three business sectors: Agricultural and Construction equipment, Turf and Forestry equipment and Financial Services, Power Systems, Parts Services, and the Intelligent Solutions. Relentlessly improving products business efficiencies to achieve exceptional operating performance.


The customer's challenges included:

  • Growth of commercial equipment sales in emerging markets requiring delivery of technical information in many languages. High growth areas require information delivered in the most difficult to support languages.
    • The requirement to produce Catalogs, Operator Manuals and Maintenance Manuals in over 29 languages including Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic and Thai.
  • Need to respond to rapidly evolving market dynamics and new product development
  • Constant drive for improved business efficiencies to reduce operating costs.
    • Legacy process and system required content processing by external 3rd party vendor. This resulted in higher costs and longer publishing times.
    • Schedule to publish needed to be reduced for time-sensitive markets
  • Future-proof technology
    • Needed to prevent costly changes in infrastructure

The Solution:

The customer required that the previously deployed XML/SGML-based content creation, management and distribution solution be updated to support all new requirements with no disruption to production. GPSL was able to accomplish this by replacing the legacy composition engine with PTC's updated, high performance formatting engine, in line with the existing infrastructure. No other technology components were affected. GPSL redesigned the stylesheets to accommodate all previous functionality and added native support for all required languages.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

Business Profile:

One of the world's largest manufacturers of heavy equipment.


Discrete Manufacturing


Global distribution with focus on six key areas – the United States and Canada, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

Business Solution:

PTC Arbortext Service Lifecycle Management solution

Solution Products:

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, Arbortext Editor and Windchill


  • ROI of less than one year
  • Support content growth of 40% per year
  • Enable 100% automated multichannel publishing to all required languages
  • Reduce publishing costs
  • Improve information quality
  • Agile processes and technology to support rapid change in business with lower development costs