American Chemical Society E-Books

GPSL Brings Great Savings

ACS automates production of their Symposium book series

Business Overview:

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is the world's largest scientific society and one of the world's leading sources of authoritative scientific information. A nonprofit organization, chartered by Congress, ACS is at the forefront of the evolving worldwide chemical enterprise and the premier professional home for chemists, chemical engineers and related professions around the globe.


The ACS E-books initiative aimed to reduce costs, improve quality and enable multi-channel delivery of the ACS Symposium book products. ACS teamed with GPSL to deliver an XML solution based on ACS's existing Arbortext and Documentum technology platform.

Additional issues faced:

  • Conversion of existing unstructured workflow to fully structured “XML first” workflow for editing, composition and delivery
  • Definition of consistent typographic styles from inconsistent source material


  • Automated composition of complex scientific material
  • Support for composition of dense floating content


  • No intervention during composition process
  • Creation of printed products which match or exceed the quality of the existing products which were manually produced
  • Handle special scientific elements such as complex tables, MathML equations, references lists, chemistry charts and schemes
  • Integration with existing Documentum CMS
  • Firm deadline for “go live” of new system

GPSL Solution:

GPSL delivered a customized solution for E-books processing, based on the Arbortext technology platform. The solution supports editing and publishing of single chapters or complete books, based on highly structured XML content stored in an Enterprise CMS.
The E-books XML Publishing System was delivered on-time, onbudget and brings exceptional value to ACS.


Business Profile:

The American Chemical Society

World's largest scientific society


Scientific Publishing


Washington, DC Columbus, OH

Business Solution:

E-books XML Publishing System

Solution Products:

Documentum, Arbortext Publishing Engine, Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Styler


  • Significant savings in production costs
  • Improved quality and consistency of product
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Enables multi-channel delivery