Heavy equipment manufacturer creates uplift with publishing system

GPSL delivers world’s most robust multi-language publishing platform

GPSL has worked with some of the world’s largest companies and organisations, but when a leading heavy equipment manufacturer operating in three major sectors with operations in six major markets turned to it to overhaul its publishing requirements, the challenge was a complex one.
To support growth in emerging markets, GPSL’s client needed to deliver technical information in multiple languages including Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic and Thai. With dynamic and rapid growth in developing regions, it needed to reduce its production schedule for catalogues, operator and maintenance manuals, and reduce operating costs while future-proofing its communications.
To ensure minimal disruption to its business, the company wished to build on its existing XML/SGML-based system. GPSL responded with a PTC Arbortext Service Lifecycle Management solution, which enabled it to redesign style sheets to preserve existing functionality, while adding native support for all required languages.
The client was delighted with the progressive solution, achieving content growth of 40 per cent, per year; 100 per cent automated multi-channel publishing; and return on investment within less than a year.
GPSL’s senior vice president, sales, Michael Vail, says: “